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Korea Head Office
Yantai, China KD
Departmental Affairs
Department Responsibilities
Plant Manager Production, Quality Control
Research Director Research Institute, PM General
Business Support Purchasing Materials, Business, Computer, Financial Affairs
Production Equipment Improvement, Facility Maintenance, Mold Management
Production Support Production Support, Logistics, Delivery
Production 1 Team 1 Factory. Airbag Cover(Production planning, Production management, Worker management, Productivity analysis)
Production 2 Team 1 Factory. Steering Wheel(Production planning, Production management, Worker management, Productivity analysis)
Customer Quality Team Customer Quality Control, Customer Quality Improvement Activities
Production Quality Team In-house Quality Control (input quality, process quality, shipment quality) and Internal Quality Improvement Activities
PM Customer Management, New Product Order, Cost Management
Design Team Product Design
Development Team Product Development
New Product Development Team New Product Development
Purchasing Material Team Purchase of Material, Management of sSupplier, Purchase Price Management, Warehouse Management
Business Team General Affairs, Personnel Management, Salary Management, Iabor Management
Computer Team Operate In-House Computer System
Finance Team Budget Management, Accounting Operation, Financial Operation, Business Plan Operation, Fund Management