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At the heart of the R & D field, the R & D Center conducts a wide range of research activities, from researching materials through cutting-edge equipment to developing new products.

Especially, we are concentrating on the development of competitive new technology in the field of Steeing Wheel and AirBag Cover. In order to cultivate and enhance technological power, we will continuously create and challenge the world of infinite technology at the moment to carry out the new projects of Hyundai, Kia, Samsung, Ssangyong and GM Daewoo that will be produced in 2005 We are repeated. KD commitment is both an investment and a commitment to the future of the company.
• CAE Analysis: LS-DYNA 970
• Design Engineer For Steering Wheel and DAB, PAB, SAB Cover (5 Design engineers)
• Designing Capability(2D&3D) CATIA Version 5, Unigraphics NX3, Autocad
Test & Sample
• PROTO Sample manufacturing and testing (7 engineers)
• Capable of all components and sub-parts tests in-house